Map Your World's Data
Practicas | Junior
New York

CartoDB Education Intern, CartoDB

CartoDB is changing how location data is analyzed and visualized by building the easiest and most powerful engine ever.

The amount of location-based data is exploding, and from biodiversity to transportation to marketing, people around the world are using CartoDB to visualize their data to make better decisions. We have more than 180,000 loving users (growing rapidly) and customers around the world, and have received awesome reviews from key tech and startup media like Techcrunch, GigaOM, and TNW.

This position will fill a crucial role for learning and teaching everything that the CartoDB platform can offer to CartoDB’s diverse user base. The position will specifically focus on building and maintaining CartoDB’s Map Academy, a series of multi-lesson courses that help people learn the many facets of mapping and analyzing data on the web:

The ideal person for this job will be able to write original lessons based on geospatial applications and modern web technologies, feel comfortable in a Git workflow, and can easily communicate the exciting possibilities available through web mapping.


  • Experience with web-based mapping
  • Love educating yourself and others through a multitude of media
  • Some web programming experience
  • Examples of projects made with web maps
  • Design experience
  • Experience with the CartoDB platform is a plus, but not essential
  • Great communication skills